Aluminum Extrusion Scrap

We offer Aluminum Scrap 6063 is (Briquetted form 15 inch x 15 inch & o25cm x 25cm x 20cm and weight range 25 Kg to 35 Kg) mill finish / anodized.The material contains no attachment and no chips in the bundles/ briquettes. Material is only white and not painted

No plastic content, No Iron related materials. Dimension of briquette only 15-inch x 15 inches and or 25cm x 25cm x 20cm and weight range 25 Kg to 35 Kg.



Products Pure Aluminum Extrusion Scrap
Grade AA
Series 6000, 6061, 6063
Product Origin  EU
Al (min ) 99%-99.97%
Alloy Or Not: Non-Alloy
Color: Silvery white metal
Secondary or not: Non-secondary






Chemical composition: Al Fe Si Mn Mg Zn Cr
Metal: Nonferrous Metal
Dimension of briquette:Weight range : 15 inch x 15 inch25kg to 35kg

Compressed into rectangular block with aluminum stripping’s. 20/25kg blocks, Net weight 1000kg with aluminum stripping’s.


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