Plastic Scraps ( LDPE | HDPE | PET | PP | LLDPE)

We also offer the following; PVC Scrap Resins (E-PVC S-PVC ), off-spec (semi-(rigid), soft) from pipe, window, film, credit card, compounding powder & granulate, medical, bags & tubes, bookbinding film, cables, shoe sole, etc.

PC scrap, bottles, CD, DVD, Scrap ground, re-granulated, powder, resins, PC-GF, metalized-metalized, diskettes, sheets, bottles, film, video film, automotive film.




1.Type: recycled ABS
2.Shape: granule/pellets
3. Feature: heat resistant
4. Material: TV and refrigerator shell

Hot Virgin & Recycled ABS Plastic Raw Material 

High impact ABS resin/Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin

1. ABS plastic raw material
2.virgin grade/recycled grade
3.color: white, black, grey,etc..

Specification for reference:

Basic Conditions: 

Start Point Range
Melt Temp    220°C  200-230°C 
Barrel Zone Temp. Rear  190°C  180-210°C
  Center  205°C  190-220°C
  Front  215°C  200-230°C 
Mold Temp.   50°C 30-60°C
Processing Temp. Limit   245°C
Injection Speed   Slow to Moderate
Pre-Dry Requirements   70-80°C, 2hr

Specification data:

Test Project Test Methods Unit Typical Values [1] 
Tensile Stress GB/T1040-92 Mpa 28-40
Flexural Stress GB/T 9341-2000 Mpa 48
Flexural Modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa ≥1600
Notched Impact Strength GB/T1043-93 KJ/m2 ≥10
Elongation At Break GB/T1040-92 % 40-80
Heat Distortion Temperature GB/T1634-2004 °C ≥85
MFR GB/T 3682-2000 g/10min 10-40
Flammability GB/T 2408-1996 UL94 V-0
Testing Condition 23±2°C, 50±5%RH


(1) Shell of Electrical Equipment

(2) Electrical Tool Accessories

(3) Circuit Board Base

(4) Other Use.


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